Erica Flood Earned her B.A. in Photography with an emphasis in Documentary Studies in December 2005 Is Getting Involved in Local Government.

Erica Flood
Shamim Amiri

Erica Flood, a photographer, educator, and alumnus of Prescott College, is challenging Easthampton, MA District 2 City Councilor Homer Gomez, for his seat on the Council. She said, “I’m not really against anybody. I’m running for a seat. Unfortunately, there’s one seat.” 

Flood has deep family roots in Easthampton and lived there her entire life, aside from when she came to Prescott College to get her bachelor’s degree. Flood’s deep love for her community is reflected in her enthusiasm, passion, ambition, and intention to be an influential voice of her community in the city government. A 34- year old Precinct 2 resident in Easthampton said, “I was fortunate to meet Erica Flood a number of years ago. From that meeting to now, I have been quite impressed with her many strengths as a forward-thinking woman, a superb mother, and a concerned Precinct 2 resident. Erica has articulated well her ideas to move the city and Precinct 2 forward in the wake of a growing population. She is dedicated to addressing our city’s infrastructure, environment, and housing in a way that maintains a quality of life for us all.” Furthermore, Flood has shown support for renewable energy and building infrastructure of the city with a focus on sustainability. She has also mentioned educating people about mass solar loans and community development block grants. 

Flood received a B.A. in Photography with an emphasis in Documentary Studies in December 2005. She is a photographer and educator, working as the program manager of the International Low-Residency Photography MFA program in the Hartford Art School, which is part of the University of Hartford. 

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